A Proper Welcome

I have come to realize I have a very frantic mind. Perhaps this is why cities are so anxiety provoking for me. Or anywhere for that matter. Its impossible to escape the noise of humanity screeching in my ear and drowning out everything joyful. So at any given time I am drawn to something, but it usually doesn’t last long enough for me to give it 100%. I am envious of people who are able to dedicate themselves to something, although that something for me has been anarchy I suppose because its been my passion for so long now and is a major guiding force for me.

I made this blog to explore pessimism, because the times we live in are of course insanely bleak, either in a mundane way or a life shattering way, (like the Inferno there are many layers to this Hell), and share a few thoughts on what it means to be human, another animal on this planet but strangely different (not in a good way) and possibilities of what strange, absurd, beautiful and terrifying things lay ahead.

If pessimism is the umbrella, there are many things to explore underneath. I have a love for horror and will probably discuss this as well, through means of writers such as Eugene Thacker and Thomas Ligotti. Along these lines I’ll be exploring violence, taboos, outsiders and other things we’d rather not look at and definitely not see within ourselves.

Another vein I want to engage with is stories, whether its folklore or stories in the media these stories inevitably shape our lives. What do our stories look like? What is the Cult of Infinity?

And of course there will be lots of discussion of what an anarchism grounded in pessimism, influenced by the cynics and others who have questioned what they have been conditioned to believe about Man and his centrality in the universe.


Linear Time

“O memory ! torture me no more:
The present’s all o’ercast-
My hopes of future bliss are o’er;
In mercy, veil the past.” – Lord Byron

2017 is upon us, or at least those believers in the illusion that is the linear passage of time. Every year that passes seems to have been more horrific than the last to these believers. Despite the fact that 2016 has been like any other year with its celebrity deaths, asshole politicians elected and tragedies heaped upon tragedies, people still elect to have some hope that the next year will be better. Filled with this hope everyone wants to improve themselves in some way, making the beginning of the year a yard line. There’s a lot of time in between these goal posts for the horrors to unfold in our lives, by the end of 2017 people will be saying the same things again, with the same flicker of hope for 2018.

That hope may be getting dimmer though. The election of Trump has both signaled and created a deep pessimism in the populace. Misplaced anger is heaped upon those that have it the hardest, migrants, refugees, convicts etc. Let the anger be placed where it should be directed: against the forces of the state, and against anybody keeping us in perpetual slavery both physically and mentally. 2017 will be a year of destroyed illusions.


Perhaps this is my own false hope, but I recognize there is no winning here. The world is too connected now. The war will be on a different battlefield than the streets. It will be in the climate turning on us and slowly drowning humans’ cities and in cyberspace.  Sensational pictures no longer stir the sensitivities of the liberals in the West. The 1960s, thankfully, are gone, but like the serpent eating its tail, the same sentiments are always there, waiting to come back. Methods may change, but the fundamental ideologies that society cannot escape from are a constant undercurrent, and these are more difficult to destroy.

Review of Adam Curtis’s HyperNormalisation

Curtis’s Bitter Lake left me feeling a bit underwhelmed, like maybe his approach had warn itself out on me, so I hesitated to be excited when I heard about HyperNormalisation, but of course I had to see what he had to say about our most recent circumstances. Curtis’s devotion is to uncovering the hidden systems of power that move around us. How many layers does this onion have? This isn’t a movie that tells you there’s a way to fix things. The scary thing is it tells you the opposite.

You can expect many of his cliche’s throughout the movie, (A BINGO game circulated and I believe everything would have been crossed out) and there’s the classic Adam Curtis soundtrack and editing skills. I have seen numerous posts about how it feels like Zeitgeist. All I know about that movie is I hated the less than 10 minutes I sat through. If Curtis’s work feels repetitive after watching enough of his films, its because the stories often involve the same familiar characters and plot-lines.

If you don’t like his stuff to begin with, just don’t bother watching this one. However, if you enjoy his work like I do you’ll enjoy HyperNormalisation for its bleak portrait of what forces have been shaping our violent times. You’ll still be confused, but you’ll at least understand a little more why nothing seems real anymore.

A journey through darkness.

This is not a safe space. The world is not a safe space.

I’m a shut in, interested in anarchism one consisting of pessimistic, anti-civ and nihilist ideas. I don’t know what form this blog will take yet, but I’ll talk about anything relevant to these four areas of thought.

To be a good citizen/worker/soldier you need to be optimistic about the future. There is something to aspire to. I want to destroy this mythology created by the slave drivers (among other names throughout history to call it, but it comes down to bodies being seen as commodities to be managed, hence they want you to be “healthy” mentally i.e. have a positive disposition, assimilate to the status quo).


Who owns your body?

Unfortunately for anybody who wants to end their existence and is looking to depart with the beautiful views of the Golden Gate, San Francisco plans on hiring 5 new “suicide prevention officers“, bringing the total to 22. Currently there are usually 2 on the bridge at a given time.

No amount of suicide prevention will stop those who are committed to their exit. A couple of days ago in Oakland a man in a wheelchair blew himself up with a pipe bomb inside a clinic. “We are living in a time in which some of us have given up on life, some of us have some mental issues that need treatment. I see it too often now.”


More information on suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge:

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